By: Rachel Lyda


Everyone grows up with a dream of what they want to be when they grow up. As a rather free spirited and spontaneous child, I changed my mind periodically about what that dream job was going to be for me. It went from being an animator for Disney, to a trapeze artist in the circus, to a veterinarian and CSI detective. As I grew older, in high school, I didn’t quite know what I wanted to do but I had narrowed it down to something having to do with business administration and communication.

I was involved with multiple clubs and held the position of student body president my junior year. However, as much as my ideas were listened to and allowed to be voiced, there was only so much I could do under the authority of my professors and the school. In those pre- college years, I yearned for something more and something I could truly call mine.

I had no idea that only a few years later, I would find College Pro.

College Pro teaches you how to make goals, how to be realistic and ambitious and to make a plan for how to get you there. At the beginning of the journey, you may not know where you will end up, but there is something powerful in the fact that you are in charge of your destiny even if just for a single summer. Entrepreneurship is a field rich with opportunity, yearning to be filled with young people who aren’t afraid to strive to make visionary steps in a struggling economy.

Even if your dream job isn’t to be an entrepreneur entirely, the other essential skills taught, such as how to effectively communicate to customers and employees, how to receive constructive criticism and apply it, and how to accept the challenge of keeping yourself accountable to your commitments, are all things a summer spent with College Pro can help you master. In any job, these are qualities that would serve as viable assets to any company.

With College Pro, and with the help of an experienced and encouraging team of supervisors and co-workers, you can sharpen these skills and be a more well-rounded and attractive candidate to future employers.

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