College Pro Franchisees - What doubts did you have in your Interview Process

Quick thoughts from 5 of our 130 President’s Award Winners in 2012.

“I wondered where I was going to get start-up money. I was pretty confident that I would make it back, but I didn’t know where I would get it. I lived at home, which was lucky, but even having cash flow through the process was tricky – that was a doubt. I had supportive parents, they lent me money and I paid them back.”

Alanna Toogood, franchisee

“I was doubtful because it is a company of all college students, and it didn’t seem like your standard business opportunity. Once I saw further into the culture, I realized College Pro allows you to become a part of something, and it completely changed my mind.”

Ben Yudes, franchisee

“I wondered if it was legitimate. I thought there was no way a 19 year old like myself could run a business and be successful. I was kind of scared of the work load.  I’d heard from past franchisees it was a lot of work, and I didn’t know if I was ready for that. I wanted to do something for myself and for my future. Once I had learned more about the company and the business model they use, it was much more of an easy decision. Once I heard about all the training you are provided with, I was convinced it was the right fit for me.”

Brett Hilker, franchisee

“The first thing I did was Google College Pro, and it came up with a lot of negative things. I took the negative things straight to my recruiter, and he answered them all right away. He explained to me that no one goes online to report good things, they only spend time posting things they’re mad about. I learned from that and trusted my recruiter.”

Brian Meadows, franchisee

“I doubted whether it was worth running a business through another company, rather than doing it myself. I spoke to some people who had business experience, and they recommended the franchise route to start out with.  In a program like this, you are taught a lot of things that you would otherwise have to teach yourself. There is a lot of development involved, and it really paid off for me.”

Ian Ouwerkerk, franchisee

“I questioned if I could succeed – if you look in the media there are a lot of bad stereotypes, so I wondered if it was a scam. People were speaking to me about setting a $100,000 goal, and that seemed like a lot to me, I didn’t know if I could do it.  I realized the people who didn’t succeed weren’t suited for College Pro and they didn’t work hard enough. I simply worked hard.”

Marc-Antoine Latreille, franchisee

“I couldn’t visualize what I was going to be doing. I didn’t know how College Pro was going to help me realize my potential, what tools they would use or how I would get trained. I just trusted the general manager who was recruited me.”

Mike Savegnago, franchisee

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