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As a College Pro Franchisee, we are responsible for the entire operation. From managing painters to providing free estimates, the expectations are set very high for us.  We are all passionate in what we do and hope that College Pro will be a great experience. We need your help to make that happen! It’s tough to manage both school and running a business so any help is greatly appreciated.

College Pro Franchisees stem from all walks of life.  Furthermore, many of our Franchisees come from various areas of study, from arts to business to even anatomy.  With all these different interests comes one main commonality: we are all driven to do our own thing! We understand that some homeowners may be skeptical about hiring a student to work on their home but you will never find someone as excited to a good job as a young individual just entering the workforce. For most of us this is our first entrepreneurial experience and our reputation is certainly on the line. With that, we must start off right and build a long lasting relationship with our clients. College Pro Painters gives us the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and make a name for ourselves at a young age.

Starting early is imperative to our success, and that is why we would like to give you an estimate now. Our vision is to be able to employ other students of all ages who have open summer schedules as painters for the entire summer.  To do so we must book work before the summer and that is where you come in! At the end of the day, by choosing a College Pro Franchisee you are essentially giving an entrepreneur a shot in this world. We all need to start somewhere and College Pro is a great road to begin walking on. We promise to do the best job possible while at the same time making the experience pleasant for you and your family. As entrepreneurs, we are always looking to meet new people and make connections. Help us realize our potential by booking an estimate today!

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